FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


The number of bags you can check in may vary depending on the fare you purchase as well as your destination. Maximum number of bags allowed per person is five (5). 

Some fare types allow up to 2 free bags. In general, checked bag fees and dimension are as follows:

1st Bag

  • Maximum Size/Weight: 157 cm (62”) total combined dimensions and maximum weight of 23 kg
  • $50.00 CAD 

2nd Bag

  • Maximum Size/Weight: 157 cm (62”) total combined dimensions and maximum weight of 23 kg
  • $75.00 CAD 

Please note that these fees are always subject to change and may vary by destination and fare purchased.

You will have an opportunity to pay for bags at time of booking, or when you process your online check-in.

You can bring an approved stroller and an approved car seat; bassinets are not allowed.

Canada Jetlines does not offer priority baggage at this time.

Pre-paid baggage fees are non-refundable and non-transferable unless the flight is canceled by Canada Jetlines for reasons beyond our control.

You can change or cancel your flight at any time based on the fare rules. Pre-paid baggage fees are non refundable or transferable.

Sporting equipment is subject to all applicable baggage fees. Fees are combinable where applicable - if an item is overweight, oversized and a second item, all three fees apply. A handling fee of $50 CAD/USD will be charged.

  • Jetlines accepts sporting equipment that meets the packing requirements, and weight and size restrictions for travel on domestic, international, and chartered flights.
  • With the exception of vaulting poles, the maximum length accepted is 3 m (118 in.) for any sports item

Bicycles and Helmets

  • A maximum of one bicycle and one helmet are allowed per guest.
  • All applicable oversized, overweight, and extra piece fees apply - please see below. A handling fee of $50 CAD/USD will be charged at the airport for bikes.

You may check your bicycle and container with a maximum:

  • weight of 45 kg (100 lb.) without paying an excess weight fee
  • dimension of 292 cm (115 in.) without paying an oversize baggage fee

A bicycle (including the container) exceeding the maximum:

  • weight must be shipped by cargo
  • dimension of 292 cm (115 in.) is subject to oversize baggage fees 
  • length of 3 m (118 in.) is not accepted

A bicycle must be packed flat in a bicycle bag or box. Before flying with your bike, please:

  • Remove pedals.
  • Partially deflate your tires.
  • Fix handlebars sideways
  • Pack the bicycle in a box or bag to protect your bike and prevent leakage from bicycles containing hydraulic fluid.

Golf Clubs

  • One golf set consisting of golf balls, golf clubs and golf shoes will be accepted per guest.
  • Golf equipment must be packaged in a rigid and/or hard-shell container specially designed for shipping, or in a bag with an attached hood.
  • Bags with built-in tripods must have the legs taped or secured to the bag.
  • The oversize bag fee will be waived. Applicable extra piece and overweight fees apply

Skateboards, Longboards, and Scooters 

  • One skateboard or fold-up scooter (non-motorized) in addition to one helmet are accepted per guest.
  • Skateboards may be brought as carry-on baggage if they are within the size requirements.
  • All items must be packed for shipping to prevent damage
  • All applicable oversized, overweight and extra piece fees apply. 

Skis, Water Skis and Snowboards

  • One set is accepted per guest including helmet, skis, boots and poles; or a snowboard and boots; or a pair of water skis.
  • All items must be packed for shipping to prevent damage. 
  • Ski wax must be non-flammable. Butane or torches used to remove ski wax are not accepted.
  • Multiple skis can be packed together in a ski bag if they fit.
  • The oversize bag fee will be waived.
  • Applicable extra piece and and overweight fees will apply.

Hockey, ringette, Lacrosse, and Football Equipment 

  • One helmet, a puck/ring/football/stick, a set of pads, and a pair of cleats, shoes or skates are included as part of one accepted set, per guest.
  • If the bag's primary use is to transport equipment, the oversize bag fee and overweight fee (up to 100 lbs.) will be waived. 
  • Applicable extra piece fees will apply. 

Surfboards, boogie/skimboards and windsurfers

  • Are accepted in checked baggage when less than 9.8 feet (3 metres) long. An oversized baggage fee will apply for each board exceeding 62 inches (157 cm).
  • One set is accepted per guest including a paddleboard and one paddle/oar; or a surfboard and sail; or a surfboard and kite. 
  • All boards must have the skeg/fin removed, be padded, and packed properly to prevent damage to the board, sail and other baggage.
  • All applicable oversized, overweight and extra piece fees apply. 
  • A handling fee of $50 CAD/USD will be charged at the airport for each surfboard, paddleboard, wakeboard and set of wave skis. 


You can book at www.jetlines.com or your favorite travel agent.

Although no accounts are required, you can still make a booking as a guest user. Once the booking is completed, an account is automatically created for you. 

You can access your bookings at www.jetlines.com

A maximum of 9 passengers can be booked at a time. Unfortunately, group bookings of more than 9 passengers cannot be booked at this time. 

After selecting your flights, you can pay by credit card during check out.

Our best fares are available at www.jetlines.com, and subject to availability and demand. 


Throughout your journey with Canada Jetlines, we want to ensure you have the power of ease at your fingertips. Moment’s in-flight entertainment system enables you to securely stream content on your personal devices.

Travellers are allowed to use any Bluetooth-enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers and headphones. The 110v USB power outlets allow you to keep your devices charged while using Moment’s in-flight entertainment services. 

Exclusive Discounts

Canada Jetlines offers time limited offers, the offer you were looking for may no longer be available.

Canada Jetlines offers time limited offers. The offer you were looking for may no longer be available.

If offered by the airline, discount codes are for new bookings only.

You can check the discount code applicability on the checkout page.

Search for flights as normal, discount codes are used at check out.

Expiry dates of discount codes will be included with each code.

Seat Selection

You can select your seats at the time of booking by paying an extra fee. A free seat assignment will be offered to you upon check-in. 

Yes. You can always access your itinerary online to change or add pre-paid seat selection.

Some fare offers free seat pre-booking, for other fares, there is a nominal fee If you want to pre-book a seat prior to check in. Otherwise, free seat selection will be offered at check-in.

Seat fees are not refundable or transferable, if you change a flight, you can pick a new seat without additional cost, subject to fare type selected at the time of change. 

Seat fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. 

Jetlines fare type allows you to sit in the first row which offers extra seat pitch. 

Canada Jetlines will do everything possible during check-in, to ensure children under the age of 14 are seated close to their accompanying family member free of charge as defined in Rule 41 of the Tariff. 

Canada Jetlines adheres to Transport Canada rule 70 when it comes to carrying persons with disabilities. Kindly review our Domestic Tariff for details. 

Normal set selection rules apply to multiple people traveling together. 

Following Transport Canada regulations, anyone seated on an emergency exist needs to be willing and able to assist in the event of an emergency. 


Inflight receipts:

  • If you made a purchase on board from the menu a receipt will be provided to you at that time. Receipt copies will not be available after your flight. 
  • Please contact us at customercare@jetlines.jetlines.ca if you are unable to retrieve your receipt or have a question.

Note: Receipts cannot currently be issued for bookings made through non-Jetlines.com sites. Unfortunately, we are unable to create any new receipts or other documents after this time, even if requested for tax purposes or legal proceedings. 

Helpful Information

To have your itinerary emailed to you, you need to:
  • Have booked on Jetlines.com or through the Jetlines Contact Center 
  • Provide the same name that was used to make the booking
  • Provide the same email address that was used to make the booking 

We cannot email your itinerary if:
  • The trip was booked through another online travel website
  • You booked through a travel agent 
  • The trip was more than three days ago
  • Someone else’s email was used to make the booking 

Please note that upon submitting your request, all email addresses included on the booking may receive copies of the itinerary as well. Unfortunately, some itineraries cannot be retrieved online. 

At Canada Jetlines we treat your personal information carefully and we will not share it with any third parties.


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