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Canada Jetlines was conceived to provide travelers with more options. We're the little guy that sticks up for the other little guys, and we do it by being bold and Frank. We strive to make air travel the best and most convenient it can be for the best value possible.

  • The launch of Canada Jetlines requires an experienced team that is just as resilient as the brand. Our executive team has many years of combined experience in the global travel, aviation, technology, and hospitality industry.
  • We've forged partnerships with established industry partners, ranging from premiere employee training programs to a safe and enjoyable working environment.
  • We aim to provide more revenue opportunities to express our gratitude to employees and travel partners and all the work that they do. We look forward to working with you to create memorable experiences for travellers.
  • We're currently expanding the Canada Jetlines family by hiring specialized employees and who can progress in a quickly changing marketplace.

Be a part of something very special from the start. We're committed to safety and passion when it comes to customer service and are looking for the very best candidates to join our team.

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As a equal opportunity employer we seek talented dedicated people at all levels.

  • Flight Attendants and In-Flight Services
  • Airport Customer Service Ticketing
  • Captains and First Officers
  • Mechanics and Technicians
  • Flight Dispatchers
  • Crew Planners and Schedulers
  • Marketing and Sale Positions
  • Call Center Agents
  • Information Technology
  • Corporate and Management Positions